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Long Arm Quilting

I offer quilting services using pantographs or edge to edge repeat quilting designs. I also offer a more modern or minimalist look with lines. I love to create a grid or square meander pattern customized for your quilt.  I operate a Handiquilter machine so that I can complete your projects quickly and beautifully.

A long arm machine is a high end machine and the quilting is a specialized skill. The process for long arm quilting allows the back fabric, batting, the quilt top be attached to rollers and a large industrial size sewing machine is moved over the three layers in a design to sandwich the three layers together and make the quilt. The thread color and quilting pattern is up to you, it is your quilt to design but I’m here to help you decide. If you are new to quilting and you don’t understand how to finish your quilt please come by for a demonstration.

There is no pinning or basting. Bring all three layers separately with the batting and backing 3-4 inches larger then the top. 



Above photos are the before and after of the same quilt. A old family quilt that was tied with yarn and coming apart at the edges was given new borders, backing and quilting added to give a family quilt a longer life.


Quilting price is the total inches of your quilt at .02 cents per square inch. If you measure the length and width, multiple for a total and then multiple .02 that is the cost for your quilt; tax added on charge card payments. Below gives approximate prices.

minimum fee and quilts under 2000 sq inch (baby): $40
3000 sq inch (kid): $60
5000 sq inch (throw): $100
7000 sq inch (twin): $140
9000 sq inch (full): $180
10,000 sq inch (queen/king): $200

Quilts are currently being finished within two weeks from drop off; time will vary depending on the number of back orders. Please contact me and allow me to help you finish your project.

Fabric for the backing, batting, and binding can be purchased. 

Backing fabric at 45″ is $10 a yard; 108″ wide at $14 a yard.

Batting depends on the size of the quilt; prices are between $15 – $40.

Binding is $2 a foot for me to apply what you supply; $2.50 a foot if I supply  pre-made and apply; $3  a foot if I cut/sew/iron and apply. 


My quilting studio was created to assist beginners and other quilters. Unfinished projects can be stressful, weighing on you to complete.  I can offer design assistance or complete your project for you.  No project is to small – and nothing is off limits to ask about.  I’m upfront and honest, if I don’t have the knowledge or capability to assist, I will tell you. 

Working with someone on a project can keep it moving and save time so it gets done and doesn’t stay on your to do list. Please contact me to assist you complete your quilt.

Unfinished project pricing will vary depending on size, type of fabric and how much fabric is added to the project; prices start at $50.