WHAT IS A CUSTOM QUILT – A quilt made specifically for you or a person you are providing a gift for.

QUILT DESIGN MAP – The design map below will help you with ideas to create a customized quilt. Let’s get started.

  • What is the quilt purpose – a gift, utilize a collection (t-shirts), create a memory (baby clothes) or decoration for the home (theme/color scheme).
  • Consider the size you will want.
  • Color of  fabric for the back of the quilt. (Solid, print, blanket, two sided quilt)
  • Messaging – do you want a quilted message or iron on letters with a name or date.
  • Quilting the layers together with a stitch design of your choosing.
  • Binding the edges around the quilt with a colored fabric.

T-SHIRT QUILTS – Not your regular square blocks. I take an artistic approach and make a collage out of your t-shirts by cutting to the size of the design on the shirt. Every quilt is unique and personal.

Quilts are a great way to capture memories.  Remember to think 2-4 months ahead to have something completed in time for those special occasions. Homemade items always make a special gift.

Prices are based on the amount of time needed to prepare the fabric, create  the design layout for the quilt size, stitching the long arm quilting pattern and adding the binding fabric around the edge.

  • CLASSIC ART QUILT                           $275
  • SPECIALIZED ART QUILT                   $350
  • PREMIER ART QUILT                          $475

King size or intricate techniques will each have an additional cost of 25%.

An up-charge will be added for orders received in April for May graduation, July for August (school start date) and November for Christmas.