Camokai Studio is located in Hawaii and was created to share my knowledge and experience on the art of quilting. The name Camokai Studio was created to represent the founder. Camo is from the word camouflage and represents 26 years in the Army. Kai is the Hawaiian word for sea (ocean), my happy place. Studio was added to represent the artistic element for the quilting services offered.
The three logo’s were created to be visual identities and provide positive encouragement. The circle is a seamless life in Hawaiian culture. Each logo stands alone but they each work together. They come from the ocean, land and sky to represent the harmony in nature and the brand of Camokai Studio.
The quilt organizations, retreats and conventions I attend keep me inspired and help me build and work on my techniques. They provides me feedback, support and offers different perspectives that make me a better quilter and artist.  The goal for Camokai Studio is for you to have a positive interaction that leads you to solutions for your projects or provides a service or quilt that brings you happiness. 


A network starts out with friends and acquaintances. You meet someone, a neighbor or co-worker, they have skills and connections different then yours. When you are need of that skill you have someone to reach out to. Making connections and building relationships creates a valuable network. You always have someone to turn to in need.  It takes effort to keep a relationship, work at it and ensure you are surrounding yourself with people who make you stronger and a better person.
Another important way to increase your network and receive support is to join associations, clubs, organizations, and continue to participate in classes, training and lectures. The variety of jobs and locations I performed over the years has led to a very diverse and professional network and has enhanced my life.
I look forward to who will enter into my life next.


Oahu is known as the city island, it is the only island with a freeway and Honolulu is just as busy and active as any major city on the mainland. Ewa Beach is located on the west side of the island, known as the leeward side. Ewa Beach and is now the growing city getting all the new stores that Honolulu no longer has room for. Ewa Beach was originally the area supporting the sugar plantation, the historic train station and plantation housing is located on Renton Road, where Camokai Studio is based.
If I’m not sewing, traveling, taking pictures you will find me at the beach, swimming around in the ocean or taking a nap. Sand in my toes and salty hair is my happy place.